Ice Bucket Challenge: Mistranslated.

The Internet was recently swept up by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – which has synonymously failed and succeeded at its function and aims. The act of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge comprises two main functions, the primary being to raise funds and donations for ASL Association to combat the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) condition. The secondary function is to raise global awareness about the ALS conditions and the non-profit organisation fighting behind it. 

Dear discombobulated readers, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or commonly addressed as Lou Gehrig’s disease refers to the progressive neurodegenerative disease that primarily (well) degenerates the motor neurones in the patient’s body. Eventually, rapid degeneration of motor neurones results in inability to relay the nerve impulses from the brain towards the effector muscles. Thus, the patient will not be able to respond to stimuli and may become totally paralysed. 

So, what’s up with the challenge? The Ice Bucket Challenge requires an individual to be bathed with ice water or choose to make donations to ALS Association – or do both. Financially, the Ice Bucket Challenge was a genius masterstroke from ALS Association. As of 20th of August, the ALS Association has received $31.5 million which had found it’s way from existing donors and 637,527 new donors. This is thirty times the donation ALS Association received the previous year, which only totalled to $1.9 million in the same time-length. 

Here’s thing that bothers me – the downside and failure of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Two months into the Ice Bucket Challenge, adults, teenagers or adolescents (regardless the age) crashed into social networking sites with videos of themselves being drown with ice water. The loop hole is that these portions of the society – without addressing their age class – neither spread the ALS conditions awareness nor donate any significant amount of donations to the ALS Association. The honest and brutal truth is that these people are merely drowning themselves with ice water for the sake of attention – or because Cristiano Ronaldo, Zachary Levi, Steven Spielberg or Stephen King does it. Bloody hell! This has already defeated the Ice Bucket Challenge purposes.

One could only imagine how Prostate Cancer Foundation could promote awareness about Prostate Cancer in some distant future – hopefully not from kicking the balls from behind!


This post was written to respond to the prompt brought forward by The Daily Post – Breaking The Ice